‘She’s Out of My League’ knocks it out of the park


shes_out_of_my_league.jpgIf you’ve been watching TV at all this weekend you may have seen a preview for this movie. To the naked eye it may just look like a typical romantic comedy. However, that generalization is way off. It is a typical romantic comedy that takes place in Pittsburgh!

The main character Kirk (Jay Bruchtel) is an average Joe working as a security guard at the Pittsburgh International Airport.

pittsburgh-airport-address.jpgThis got my blood flowing immediately. I love to travel and always travel out of the Pittsburgh airport at least once a year. It was filmed directly in the airport which was very genuine and realistic to the context of the movie. I’ve been to airports across the country and Pittsburgh ranks near the top with its atmosphere and charm.

Kirk, working by the metal detectors comes across a beautiful woman, Molly (Alice Eve) going through security. While the other security guards are hitting on her, Kirk resists and acts polite which in return gives him a beaming smile courtesy of Molly.

Once boarding her plane, Molly relaizes she left her iphone back in a security bin. Using her friend’s cell phone she calls it, Kirk has it in his hand.

The end up meeting in each other at the Andy Warhol musuem in downtown Pittsburgh.



Thumbnail image for warhol.jpg 

Now I’m not the biggest art buff, but I do think enough of myself to know something is good when I see it. Warhol is well respected in the art world and his creative mind is on display here in his hometown in his own musuem. The musuem is located just steps away from PNC Park on the North Shore. I have never been there but it is a goal of mine to check it out this year.


Anywho, back to the movie. Molly is a high ranking event planner in the city and has connections across the ‘burgh. She offers Kirk Penguins tickets, on the ice!


ice.jpgSurprisingly this beautiful girl is really into this self proclaimed dork. The two end up seriously dating and go on other dates around the city.

They eat at this beautiful river side cafe and walk through a park that is very similiar to Central Park. But the icing on the cake and the one you all have been waiting for-the couple goes on a date to a Pirate game.


pnc park.jpgLet me just say my shrieks of joy could be heard throughout the 300 seat theatre. It was awesome to see a beautiful roundabout shot of the stadium. The cameras started out by the river and slowly gravitated upward for a perfect area view of the beautiful stadium. The couple walked across the Clemente Bridge in the Centerfield entrance. 

The movie was very good, very funny. With its R rating I do not suggest it to some of you as raunchy humor may not be your thing. However, for a There are breathtaking views of the downtown area and really just presents a great perspective on the Steel City.

photo credits: imdb.com,visitingdc.com, flickr.com, movies.yahoo.com, iguogo.com  





  1. raysrenegade

    Even though Alice Eve is a blonde, she is downright sexy just to look at in the movie trailers.
    I have to say in life, these types of realtionships come around every once in a while, but most of us miss the signs.
    I have had the same thing said a few times “What is she doing with him?” But sometimes we as people just judge the surface of a person we see, while others dig and see something none of us could ever fanthom on the surface.
    That is why dating is not easy, and sometimes the girls of our dreams gl;ide by without us even knowing….SIGH.

    Rays Renegade


  2. phillies_phollowers

    I had no idea it was in Pittsburgh when I saw the preview…that’s cool. I just watched Law Abiding Citizen on DVD and that was set in Philly. Always fun to see local towns make it into the movies…we don’t all live in LA or NY, afterall ;o)


  3. angelsgirl012

    aww i think Jay Baruchel is adorable 🙂

    I haven’t seen it yet but i do that too when i see things in movies that i can relate too! Pittsburgh is amazing! I only got to pass through the city and got a 5 second glimpse of PNC park and that’s about it :(. I hope to go there and stay longer and even catch a Pirates’ game (you know i have a spot in my heart for the Pirates lol 😉 )

    ooh i love museums! Any place with a good museum is worthy of visiting in my book 😉


  4. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Dude, I know it’s been a long winter, but…C’mon. Actually the problem is mine. I can’t can’t sit through 20 minutes of a movie anymore.
    Wishing the Buccs luck this year.

  5. bigideas

    I am certain if I saw Pac Bell/SBC/AT&T Park in a movie it would undoubtedly be the highlight of the film. I too, would yell out a yelp.

    My friend saw this film with a chic. You two had the same review. I did call him out about seeing a chic flick, maybe I was wrong.


    The Three Bs


    “Idiot Tax”

  6. rrrt

    Matt, I recently saw a preview of this in the theater. It looked pretty funny, but the trailer gives no indication it’s supposed to be set in Pittsburgh. So you let out “shrieks of joy”, hmm? Did your buddies pretend they didn’t know you?
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  7. kristyr

    Hey! Long time. =) What time are you heading to the park opening day? I want to be there like, when the sun rises lol. I’m so freaking excited!!!
    I love the look of the season tickets this year. I wish they would have done more of the players though. They only used those 5. (maybe they are thinking more trades? :-/)
    I like Kevin Hart too, sucks he had such a horrible ST. Hopefully he fixes it in AAA and gets back up soon. Although I’m Excited to see the “other” McCutchen start.

  8. kristyr

    By the way. Had to leave another comment. Your post about the movie “She’s out of my league” was cool. I had NO idea it fillmed in pittsburgh and they went to PNC & a pens game. I’ll deffinitly have to go watch it now. =)

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