Like Andre Dawson, I’m Cooperstown Bound

I mentioned in my previous entry about a special spring break trip. For about two month now my buddy Andrew and me have been planning a trip to baseball’s most hallowed grounds. The National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.

hof.jpgThis will be my second trip to the Hall. My first came in 1997. My dad, aunt, both my grandfathers and myself made the trek up during the last week of August of that year for the annual induction ceremonies.

Phile Niekro, the famous knuckleballer is a very distant relative of my extended family. It was a neat experience although I never formally met Phil. My house is filled with autogrphed memorobilla Mr. Niekro was nice enough to sign for us.



niekro.jpgNow mind you I was just eight years old in ’97. I do not remember a thing about the weekend, the Hall or Cooperstown. Let me just say that I am pumped beyond belief for this special baseball moment.  There is not one person I’d rather share it with than my buddy Andrew either. He and I appreciate baseball more than anyone I know. The history, the passion and the overall fun of the game is what we both live by.

I anticpate having the time of my life through the hallowed halls. I have been researching the exhibits and cannot wait to get started. I will be like a kid in a candy store.

I have also heard the city of Cooperstown is a baseball lovers paradise. The quaint little town offers themed restaraunts and shops. I’m stocking up on cash to bring along because I am a free spender when it comes to baseball related items.

mlb hof.jpgFINAL FOUR UPDATE: In my last entry you got a peek of my elation after West Virginia played their way into the Final Four. If only you would have seen me a few hours later. I recieved an e-mail regarding student tickets available at a first come-first serve basis. I am the lucky owner of one of the available 600 tickets given to WVU students. At a miniscule price of just $25 dollars we are able to catch WVU’s game as well as the other game on Saturday. Also, the championship game Monday. It has potential to be a fantastic weekend, which I already have a gut feeling that it will be. My and five of my Mountaineer friends are eagerly searching for hotel rooms and other travel plans for Saturday. It is hectic, but so much fun at the same time. 

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  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Your planets seem to be aligned! Ride the wave dude.
    Last time I went to HOF? 1990. I need to go back soon!
    Mike. Good luck with WVU!!

  2. phillies_phollowers

    I have yet to make it to Cooperstown….someday. I know my husband wants to go too…his great uncle was Red Ruffing, a former Yankees pitcher, also a Hall of Famer. Seems like we all have one of those famous relatives in the family tree somewhere :O)


  3. expos_94

    Wow, that’s awesome! Not a fan of college sports but I can imagine how happy you are to get a ticket. Have fun at the game and in Cooperstown.

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