13 runs will do that to ya

It was a beautiful day in Morgantown, West Virginia on Sunday. Low 70 temps mixed with party cloudy skies make for one thing, softball.

softball.jpgTen of my closest friends at WVU make a pact that every nice day we have to attempt to get a game of softball in. Sunday was one of those days where we all were on the same page, we found an open field and it worked.

Part of what made the day so great is that I was not even able to watch the Pirate game today. The Extra Innings package blocks the games out regardless because I am in the Pittsburgh market and Fox Sports Pittsburgh was showing the Penguins game today.

I was however game tracking it on my buddy’s iphone. I was happy and please. Up until the 4th inning. The Pirates were up with a nice 4-2 lead. Andrew McCutchen teed off for his first homerun of the year and pitcher Daniel McCutchen was progressing smoothly. I will say it again-up until the 4th inning.

The Diamondbacks put up a whooping 13 runs in one inning alone to win the ballgame 15-6.

Theres not much to be happy about a 15 run performance but take away that one inning and the Bucs win the game easily.

Daniel McCutchen will be sent down tomorrow because relief pitcher Joel Hanrahan is ready to begin the season after an injury. If I was in charge I would send current relief pitcher Hayden Penn with him. Penn currently has an inflated ERA of 30.80 and has been shelled in both of his appearances this season and does not look like a major league caliber pitcher.

There were some bright spots in Arizona this weekend, most coming on Saturday.


Thumbnail image for duuuuuke.jpgDuke looked awesoem, maybe the best since his Opening Day start of 2009, pictured above. He went eight innings and only walked two batters. Duke gave up just a 2-run homer to Mark Reynolds and managed to work out of a handful of tough jams. He stands at 2-0 on the year which not only helps his confidence early on, it also elevates his staff ace status.


Leadoff man Aki Iwamura belted his first homrun of the year and went 2-for-4. Iwamura has been a gem the past few games after beginning the year 0-for-8. He has been working counts and waiting on his pitches. Hopefully he continues to find his stride and become confortable.

The guy touching Aki on the head has not quite been the guy he was the first two games.

Garrett Jones was 0-for-4 on Sunday striking out and grounding into a double play.  His breakout game and opening day seems so long ago as Jones is batting just .208 right now. It can’t really be said that he will breakout of this slump because he never has had the opportunity before. We know the power is there, but the question remians, can he deliever consistently?

I for one am happy to just be leaving Chase Field. It has not been very welcoming to Pittsburgh in recent years. Thej Pirates have lost 11 of their last 18 in Pheonix and have won just two out of their last six. 

I love Chase Field. I was there for the Pirates series last year and enjoyed the atmosphere, affordability and fans at the stadium. However I cannot say the curse the team or ballpark bestows upon the Pirates is good in anyone, simply because it is not.

CO-AZ 2009 209.JPG

It is a nice place to watch a game, and I am not a big fan of retractable roofs at all!

Anywho, it will be a late night for me tomorrow as I have a paper to write and get to watch the Bucs at ten pm. Its Pirates-Giants in San Francisco. 3-3 right now and I would love to take 2-of-3.

photo credits: Associated Press




  1. rrrt

    13 runs in one inning? Yikes! Like the way they used to throw out the high and low scores in Olympic events, it’s too bad you can’t throw out the high- and low-scoring innings in games. It would certainly make things more interesting, anyway. 🙂
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  2. texas4baseball

    It is not a Fox problem, but silly rules for MLB. In Texas Fox will black out games from Austin to Oklahoma City due to being in Ranger land, but the Dallas Stars are shown statewide. Great Post. Use the Iphone to show West Virginia Pics!!!!

  3. angelsgirl012

    hey! Other than those runs scored by the D-backs your team’s lookin pretty good! …. well y’all started off pretty well with the Dodgers at least! That’s something! you never know 😀

    I always root for the Pirates~ I have a soft spot for em 😉 The Pirates and the Rays haha


  4. diamondgirl55

    Woohoo Iwamura! It’s funny because anyone that is familiar with baseball at all decides that Iwamura and Imamura (my last name) is pretty much the same and pronounces it that way….and then proceeds to ask if I’m related to him. Uhhh no, there IS a difference between the ‘w’ and ‘m’, friends. Haha. Anyways, awesome picture of you at the park! Apparently I have a business trip over to your neck of the woods next month; maybe I should go to a Pirates game and check out Snell and Wilson’s old stomping ground. xoxo http://diamondgirl55.mlblogs.com

  5. TheSmiler

    What did I tell you about Houston sucking their way into last place? And the Reds aren’t much better. The Bucs will make 4th I think. And fortunately (for me), they don’t play the Dodgers with any regularity. They knocked us off our tracks. WAKE UP GARRETT JONES. I NEED YOU FANTASY NUMBERS!!!

    ~ Will

  6. bigideas

    Mid 70s?? My first baseball game of 2010 was rained out on Sunday. I hope the Pirates send a gift basket to Renteria after tonights game. I have a lot of affection for the Pirates franchise, I wrote a lil love note to them. Can we (Los Gigantes de San Francisco) have Andrew McCutchen in 2014? That would be great.


    The Three Bs

    “Time Theft”


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