You had to be there to believe it


Thumbnail image for 20-0 015.jpgTake that in for a moment folks.

20… zero. That was not a Packers-Steelers score where the extra point was blocked. That was a Pirates-Brewers score. It was the worst loss in the history of the Pirates franchise.

And I was there to witness it.

20-0 016.jpgPre game I was joking around with the Pirate Parrot, obviously not knowing the horrors of the game to come, which was a joke as well.

Some friends and I came to the park on a whim on Thursday. Some of my classes were canceled due to a journalism conference my professors attended in Baltimore. I couldn’t think of a better way to sepend my semi-day off than at PNC Park. Outside the stadium it looked like many others had the same idea.


20-0 001.jpgThere was a packed line for tickets. Whether it was the gorgeous spring day, playing hookey or killing time before the Penguins playoff game later in the day fans flocked to PNC Park. At least thats what it seemed like on the outside. 

13,634 fans actually turned up, which is abysmal. Maybe we as fans deserved the pain that would be bestowed upon us for the next three and a half hours.

The Brewers looked like a team filled with baseball legends. They treated the Pirates like Little Leaguers teeing off for hit after hit which turned into run after run.

Four homeruns were hit in the ballgame. All off the bats of the Brew Crew. Jim Edmonds, George Kottarras, Prince Fielder and public enemy number one in Pittsburgh, Ryan Braun all blasted bombs into the bleachers.


20-0 011.jpg“Cryan” Braun as he is referred to in Pittsburgh had 5 RBI. Ten players had at least one RBI including pitchers Claudio Vargas and Manny Parra. All but two Brewers who stepped to the plate had a hit.

The Pirates were swept by the Brewers and Pittsburgh natives let other Pittsburgh natives know it.

20-0 012.jpgI mean, really, what the heck? Dude in a Marc Andre Fleury t-shirt shows up with a broom to signify the Brewers accomplishment.

I just had to laugh at the guy who was rubbing the broom in every Pirate fan’s face around him, but really, what the heck? This is why I can’t be a diehard Penguin fan. I bet this guy did not cheer for the Pirates in the late 90’s early 2000’s. Yet they start winning and hes a full-fledged fan. Give it a few years, the Pirates are competitive, he will be back with avengence in a Pedro Alvarez t-shirt.

After that game however, how can I be so sure that my Bucs will ever be competitive? In that Brewers series the Pirates were outscore 36-1. The Pirates have a Majors worst 7.35 team ERA. More than one run higher than any other team. The offense is below NL average in most categories across the diamond according to Post Game host Rocco DeMaro.

There is no light at the end of the tunnel it seems. Watching that game hurt me, the few hundreds who joined me to see the final out, and 25 men who donned that Pirate jersey.

Reliever Brendan Donnelly said they should be ashamed to wear the black and gold. I can’t help but agree. Starting pitcher Daniel McCutchen cried while being interviewed. Outfielder Ryan Church simply said “I got nothin’, I’m embarrased.” 

We all are Ryan, we all are.

I’m not letting go of that ticket stub. The worst loss record stood for 100 years. I will be sure to tell my grandkids about that day, the day I witnessed the worst loss in Pirates history. My grandkids won’t believe there were actually bad years as a Pirates fan, whilethey are celebrating a World Series dynasty. 



  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    OUCH!! What was that all about?! You better save that ticket stub and program. I would. I’m telling you Matt, in twenty more years those things will be gold to you. You’re doin a great job dealing with tough times.

  2. raysfanboy

    Ouch. I figured you’d be pretty upset about how that game went. NOthing much you can say other than get ’em laced up again and head out there again. Tough night for the Bucs, but they are heading in the right direction for sure. I think.

  3. crzblue2

    Good for you saving the ticket. You should attach it to printout with the score. I heard of but did not see it. Were there any position players that pitched? I still remember Robyn Ventura pitching in the 9th inning of a blowout game handed to the Dodger by the Angels but that score was like half of that.

    Crzblue’s Dodger Blue World

  4. steveu12

    Every game I’ve been to this year, I’ve seen people in Pens and Steelers stuff acting like complete d-bags. On Tuesday (while the pens are playing mind you) some jerks was starting Lets Go Pens chants at the game while wearing their Pens gear. Seriously if you don’t like the team don’t come to the games, and don’t act like your so cool in that powder blue pens t or polamalu jersey. Ive been to games in Philly and Baltimore and you don’t see people in Eagles and Ravens stuff. Just Pittsburgh stupidity at its finest. Sorry to ramble but it pisses me off so much.

  5. raysrenegade

    Every team has a game like this that totally tarnishes anything good they might do before this game or even after until the stench waif away into the air.
    One way to look at it is that you got it out of your system in April and it is again time to regroup and regain that confidence and ability to keep it from happening again in 2010.
    Or you can act like some of the Boston fans on Monday afternoon I heard leaving Fenway Park who were questioning their team and the strategies used during the series. Got to say this second option puzzles me as April is not the time to even remotely forecast doom and gloom, but to know that it is only less than 10 percent of the season gone, and 90 percent still to play.
    There is a saying that hope and belief can outlast solemn and pessimitic thoughts.
    I believe it is true, but then again the Rays are 3-4 at home and 9-1 on the road…..Craziness is all around us.

    Rays Renegade

  6. angelsgirl012

    😦 i was reading one of my favorite blogs and he posted about this game. Man that really has to hit your stomach hard. Really tough game 😦 Good thing about baseball is that there are plenty others! Keep your hopes up!

  7. gotulo2

    I didn’t believe my eyes when I first saw the score. Tough loss but at least you’re a true fan and stayed the whole game. Be proud, wear your Pirates gear with pride! BTW, I didn’t know he was referred to as “Cryan” Braun but I like it…I can’t stand Braun!!

  8. lilmatt

    You are a true fan. I admire your commitment. The Pirates are actually my favorite team and who I root for in the NL. Long story. The White Sox and Pirates don’t mix well for many fans, but it works for me. I’d be glad to explain it if you ever want to hear it. Anyway, I am hoping that someday the Pirates will not only be competitive again in my lifetime, but bring a World Series title to the best city in the world: Pittsburgh, PA. Go Bucs!!!
    “The South Side Story”

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