Brooms at Minute Maid Park

Guys, it is getting ugly. A 10-3 loss to the Astros on Sunday gave the Bucs a six game losing streak. After starting the year at 7-5, I was pumped. Optimism was abound amongst my 21 year old self. The city of Pittsburgh took notice and there was a bandwagon. Even Regis Philbin jumped on board.


The good wishes of Regis must have been the kiss of death.

Since then the Pirates have not won a game.

GFJk.jpgI thought that 20-0 debacle would have knocked some sense into the Pirates. Maybe a heralded speech by manager John Russell, a stern talking to by owner Bob Nutting or even some inspirational tactic used by Bill Mazeroski, would set this team ablaze and maybe pick up a few wins in Houston.

It was the complete opposite.

Friday-4-3 loss, Saturday- 5-2 loss, Sunday-10-3 tanking.

This team is depleted. There simply is no talent. Garrett Jones, pictured left, has fallen off the face of the earth.

He is now batting a miniscule .214. He struck out three times this weekend, but did score a meaningless run on Sunday.


There is no power souce on this lineup. Lastings Milledge is just a single machine. A major league rightfielder needs to drive the ball deep and over the fence, occasionally. Milledge doesn’t seem to have the wearwithall to do what is needed to be a big hitter in this lineup.

With the lack of power comes the lack of pitching.

Charlie Morton took the hill Sunday. There was speculation that he was going to come out firing. Hes said to have the best “stuff” on the staff. But “stuff” does not go far. It didn’t on Sunday either.

Looking to depress his 16.55 ERA Morton gave up five earned runs over just three innings. He struck out two batter and actually did bring down his ERA to 16.20.

Little triumphs need to be celebrated.

One forthcoming celebration was the recovery of Chris Jakubauskas.


jakubauskas.jpgIn the first inning a Lance Berkman line drive blasted off his head. He was down for nearly ten minutes, legs wiggling. I ccould only imagine his pain. It hurt to see the highlights. He was able to stand up and left the field on a stretcher. After spending the night in the hospital he was placed on the DL. Sad thing is, he was just called up from the minors to get the start.

So what team is up next for the Pirates?


brewers1.jpgGod help us all.

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  1. brewcrew77

    This should be a good series, both teams are struggling! I will be at all 3 games well see how it goes. Enjoyed reading!

  2. opinion4athletics

    Awww…Regis, Regis, Regis…he jinxed them! I feel your pain. Hopefully they just need to wake up from whatever happened over the weekend, and get back into the game. How’s Crosby doing? I saw him a few weeks ago against the Dodgers…it was so weird not seeing him in an A’s jersey.
    – Opinion4Athletics

  3. devilabrit

    It’s the doubleback curse… you do to others comes back twice over… you swept the reds now you get swept twice… you’ll start to win again, it’s April and let face it the NL Central at the moment has 1 team over .500 so no panics…

    Jakubauskas’ injury looked terrible….and cause they played over and over to make a point…

    Phillies Outside

  4. raysrenegade

    When Jackubauskas came over from Seattle this offseason in a trade he probably thought it was a good change of scenery and a chance to finally crack a rotation and dig in deep for a long tenure with a team.
    No one in their right mind would have thought a line drive would place him down and out in that contest.
    And the fatc he was making an “emergency start” is even more heartbreaking than the injury sustained off the bat of Astro Lance Berkman.
    He is a talented guy who deserved that shot……the start, not the bullet to the noggin.
    Hope he gets s return gig and shows what he has to stay up with the Pirates soon.

    Rays Renegade

  5. stonebutch99

    After last night’s game you must be feeling a little better. How about my boy Doumit?? Great job by fantasy catcher. 😉

    That was tough for Jaku, I missed the game and I have yet to see the play. I had it recording on my DVR and when I got home the DVR was fried. It wiped out all my recordings. Berkman did check on him in the hospital the next day…you really hate to see that happen.

  6. angelsgirl012

    Ohhhhh Regis! 😡 yankee fan wishing the pirates well was a bad idea lol Just joking.

    I’m so glad Jakubauskas (took me about 6 seconds to remember how his name is spelled) is okay. That was so scary!

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