To retaliate or not to retaliate?

andrew mizuno.jpgIt is no question that Andrew McCutchen is the best player on the Pirate’s roster. He is a five tool player that also possess the leadership that this team crucially needs.

He led off Saturday’s game against the Dodgers putting the first run on the board, a solo shot in the first inning.

The blast was his 4th of the year and the homerun that brought him the most attention since last year’s 3-homer night at PNC Park.

As McCutchen was rounding second base he looked to give a little fist pump. There was no doubt he was excited as he is a fiery player who tends to show his emotions, a good thing in my opinion.

The Didgers did not think so. And neither did Pirates color analist Bob Walk. Walk, a former pitcher, said he was and would have been upset with McCutchen’s actions when he was a MLB starting pitcher and as a player today.

In the fifth inning Dodger’s relief pitcher, veteran Ramon Ortiz sent messages to Cutch. Not a message. Messages.

Two pitches brushed the back of McCutchen. Back to back pitches, no way they could have “gotten away” from Ortiz. The two pitches come after a pair of Bucco batters were plunked earlier in the game as well. After the at-bat McCutchen was visibly upset as he walked to the dugout jawing at the field and what looked like other teammates.

Pirates starting pitcher Zach Duke had an oppotunity to settle the score against Ortiz and the
duke.jpgDodgers. He went back on the hill and went back to work as usual. Even when Ortiz stepped to the plate, such a rare occurance for a relief pitcher, Duke did not come inside.

Now I am torn. Part of me thinks Duke and manager John Russell took the high road. They looked at this objectively and knew that throwing at Ortiz or any Dodger would be disrespectful and even childish.

However, if I was McCutchen I would feel betrayed. I would expect my teammates and my manager to stand up for me. He goes up there night in and night out and busts his butt for the team to apparently not be as appreciated or valued.

After the game when asked about the scenrio Duke said he “dropped the ball” in regards to not protecting McCutchen. Post-Gazette reporter Dejan Kovacevic reported that the mood was very somber and angry after this 5-1 loss to LA.

Outfielder Ryan Church seemed offended regarding the issue saying “It stinks. You don’t throw at somebody’s head.” Referring to McCutchen’s noggin.

Now when Duke was pulled from the game in favor of reliever Jack Taschner, he came in with a bang. The first batter he faced was Andre Eithier. The first pitch he threw sailed behind Eitheir. The dust settled there for the night.

The Pirates are now 10-15. They return home to face the Cubs. And I must go back to my finals studying.

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  1. welikeroywelikeroy

    I see this a lot with good young hitters, especially. Teams probably pick on them because they believe those guys to be more mentally fragile than veterns. Adam Lind and Aaron Hill saw their fare share of balls thrown at them last year. I bet McCutchen gets thrown at ‘up and in’ a lot more this season. He is that good of a young hitter.

    P.S. love the poetic stylings in the previous post!

  2. heartruss

    I was at the game and noticed those close pitches. I also noticed players getting hit by pitches. Everyone tells me I am naive and that those things happen.
    On the bright side, I was able to get McCutcheon’s autograph for you. I told him about you and that you were an avid fan. He smiled at that.

  3. raysrenegade

    Sometimes in the heat of the moment the young and budding stars forget some of the “Unwritten Rules” and it will cost them either during their next at bat…or in the near future.
    It is not a thing done on purpose, but it still get the wrath of the Baseball Gods, and the opposing pitcher. It is not a usual disrespect for the game or the other team, but a burst of emotion that usually condemns a guy for a fist pump or an overemotional twirl of the bat after a long drive over the wall.
    As long as McCutchen sees the erros of his momentary forgetfulness, the action will pass and he will again get to the business of winning games for the Buccos.

    Rays Renegade

  4. devilabrit

    Fist pumping while rounding bases in the midlle of a game is a little showboat(ee), Victorino got into trouble for it in the post season, McCutchen doesn’t want to be branded with the same brush Reyes was early on as an arrogant big headed jerk, I think McCutchen has more class and talent than that, but the Pirates pitchers should have sent a warning, maybe not to Ortiz but to someone else….

    Phillies Outside

  5. bklyntrolleyblogger

    As long as it’s not top of the shoulders and up…That’s Baseball and I have no problem with players doing what players do. Head-hunting is out and out wrong! I believe in a players code but it seems like I’m talking about a different era now-a-days.

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