History Making Weekend

jody gerut.jpg
dallas-braden1.jpgThe two most unlikeliest of heroes emerged over this past weekend.

On the left we have Jody Gerut. Journey man who was once a prized prospect for the Indians.

On the right, Dallas Braden. An outspoken man who has been at the heart of criticism over his own criticism of Alex Rodriguez.


Both Gerut and Braden have been favorite players of myself. This weekend just skyrocketed them near the top.

Gerut was a Cleveland Indian and the best they had for a while in the mid 2000’s. He was traded to the Pirates in a trade deadline move and I was pretty pumped. He never lived up to the hype in Cleveland and therefore couldn’t cut it as a Pirate. He barely played half a season, to be frank, just four games. He was injured and later became an after thought to Pirate fans and the baseball world. 

On Saturday night he made a name for himself and surpassed the potential he demonstrated floating around in the Minors of the Tribe. In my opinion the cycle is the most exciting accomplishment in baseball. Every time I am at a game I make sure to check each batter’s hits just to make sure that the could be flirting with that single, double, triple and HR. Twice in the past year I have been a single away. One being with Nate McLouth, the other Garrett Jones. I hope Gerut continues to have a solid career. He will always have May 8, 2010 to fall back on if he doesn’t.

I have been a Braden fan for about two weeks now. He has had many pundits on his case for jawing at A-Rod for crossing across the mound during a game. I’m sticking up for Braden simply because Rodriguez needs to show respect. His cocky attitude already preceeds him and he treats the game like it is below him. You just don’t go and step on the pitcher’s mound like that. I compare it to stepping across someones line on the putting green while playing golf.

Braden dominated the Rays on Sunday. The Rays! Now they haven’t been the offensive juggernaut as they have relied on great pitching. But they are no slouches at the plate especially with Evan Longoria batting over .320 near the top in the AL.

I also like Braden for a much deeper reason. He lost his mother to cancer when he wa sin high school. To become the 19th pitcher in history to hurl a perfect game on Mother’s Day with his mom watching from above is awe-inspiring. I’d be crying my eyes out at the end of the day. My mother means so much to me, I cannot imagine losing her, especially as a high school senior ready to embark on a successful life’s journey of baseball.


CO-AZ 2009 229.JPG
I was lucky enough to be with my mom on Mother’s Day. I am so lucky to have had her throughout my young life. She is the one who plans all our baseball trips and has slowly warmed up to the sport her sons and husband love so very much.

Thank you for all that you do mom! And to all Mother’s…HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY



  1. rrrt

    Good for Braden! Hopefully his success continues, and this game was not just a fluke. Glad to hear your mom has slowly warmed up to baseball. I notice she’s the only one in the photo not wearing Pirates gear. Maybe you got her a nice jersey for Mother’s Day?
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  2. crzblue2

    I was excited just hearing about the perfecto while I was at Dodger Stadium. That was a nice tribute to your mom and is so great that she plans the baseball trips.

  3. angelsgirl012

    what a performance for Dallas Braden on mother’s day! What a gift to give his grandmother 🙂 Did you see him on letterman? It was quite funny 😀

    I’m glad you got to spend some time with mom on mother’s day. Moms are pretty special people. I think it’s great when good players finally get their due or when unlikely heroes prove step up to the plate and wow everyone. Especially for Braden who is now known more for his perfect game than that stint with A-rod.


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