Bucs own Phils on a Halladay Weekend


halladay.jpgI owe that pun to my good friend Eric. Not only was it a Holiday weekend with the 4th of July celebrations heating up all weekend but the Philies were in town.

Now it was a four game series, a series in which I attended two games, but Roy Halladay did not even pitch. Still funny nonetheless, thanks Eric for the blog title.

I helped PNC Park open the series on Thursday with some of my favorite guys; Eric, my brother Zach and my dad.

zachericmatt.jpgWe had just amazing seats located just two rows back from the field.

We got there right as the gates opened in hopes of autographs and balls thrown from batting practice.

ryansigns.jpgRyan Howard was one of the players signing before the game. Actually just one of two players who we saw signing. The other was pitcher Jose Contreras. Howard was only out for about 30 seconds so neither of us had the chance to get something signed.

This would come back to haunt Howard as he struck out twice, much thanks to Eric, Zach and my chants of “Quiznos, Quiznos, Quiznos” in reference to his sponsorship deal with Subway. To tell you the truth I enjoy Subway more than Quiznos anyway.

The rest of warmups were fun as the players were animated with their stretches.

raulibanez.jpgRaul Ibanez tied his shoes with the Pirate Parrot. The Parrot would also steal the batting gloves and balls from the Philies as they were warming up. I don’t think theres a question that he is the best mascot in all of baseball.

Philies fans easily outnumbered Pirate fans in the crowd of 27,000. A very nice crowd in Pittsburgh especially on a Thursday so I do have to extend a thanks you to the Philies fans who helped pack the yard.

kruk.jpgExcept this chick in the John Kruk jersey. Now I’m all fro Krukky, I am a big fan, love his personality and he is from West Virginia believe it or not, but she was one annoying brat. Everything out of her mouth was delusional and downright stupid. I don’t want to say typical Philly fan but ehhhh. Compliments on the jersey girl!

The Pirates held on to a 3-2 victory.

The Bucs won on Friday, 2-0, thanks to masterful pitching from Ross Ohlendorf.


I made my PNC Park debut of my Pedro Alvarez t-shirt on Saturday. It brought about much fanfare as Alvarez belted his first major league home run. It was an opposite field blast over the right field wall. Ryan Church would also add a homer but it wasn’t nearly enough as the Philies rolled the Pirates 12-4. The worst part was being serenaded with “Let’s Go Philies” leaving the ballpark. Citizens Bank Park West was what it was like.

However the greatest feeling in the world is being at a baseball game, enjoying a beer and hotdog (in my case a big helping of Quaker Steak and Lube wings) and fireworks.





Thumbnail image for fireworks.jpgThere is no place in this great country better for fireworks than Pittsburgh, Pa. Put to a grand score of American tunes the post-game firework show was awe-inspiring leaving the sellout crowd breathless.

This weekend brought over 120,000 people to the North Shore. It was much like a playoff atmosphere and the best feeling I have had at a game all season, aside from opening day. It seemed that the whole crowd hinged on every pitch as players and fans alike treated the games as a budding rivalry for state bragging rights.

I only hope I can feel this some October in the near future.




  1. raysfanboy

    I love fireworks after games. I had planned on going to a soccer match tonight and catch the fireworks afterward, but, well, if you’ve seen our forecast you know that torrential rains have been hitting us off and on for days. And tonight, those rains are definitely ON. Sucks.

    Ah, those Phils fans. Fun folks!

    What’s your stance on wearing the jersey of a guy who has been out of the league for a long long time? It is one thing if it is a HOF’er. But Kruk is far from it.


  2. angelsgirl012

    Happy fourth of july Matt! Hope you’re having a good one tonight 🙂

    Ahh the Pirates v Phillies are always fun! Just like Dodgers v Angels. That interleague and city rivalry is pretty cool isn’t it? (Although the Pirates are in Pittsburgh and the Phils are in philadelphia). I think it’s great that you all got a piece of Roy Halladay. Doc has his off days which is hard to believe but is true.

    McCutchen deserved an all star spot this year. I dunno what Manuel was thinking BUT congrats to Meek for making it!


  3. raysfanboy

    Funny, the Pirates highlights just came on for today’s game. It looks pretty good for your guys today. I saw Tafata’s gymnastics moves at second base after oversliding the base. Funny that he didn’t get tagged! Good stuff.


  4. devilabrit

    how the hell did you find someone still wearing a Kruk shirt and it looked newish too… good weekend by the Pirates those late innings the Pirates have the Phillies number….

    Phillies Outside

  5. steveu12

    Wow, how did I miss you on thursday? I must have been like 4 rows behind you. And its cool to know your brother was the kid showing off some Cameroon pride that night. Its a good thing we beat the Phils that night or I would have punched that idiot in the Kruk jersey along with her Pirate fan husband.

  6. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    These pictures are great, and it’s awesome you got to go to 2 great games on a great weekend. I’d love to head to Pittsburgh some time to check out your fireworks, from your description and the picture, they sound fantastic. Nice post.

    -Fenway Bleacher Creature

  7. jsycfnctt@163.com

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