Pitt Peas annual baseball vacation

It doesn’t take much to please me. I’m a simple guy who really enjoys just five things.

1. Baseball, specifically Pirates baseball but anything involving the sport excites me.

2. Christmas, my favorite holiday and I love the spirit and good nature of the season.

3. West Virginia University, my school and soon to be alma mater

4. Disney World, happiest place on earth

5. Family, nothing beats the love and compassion we share for each other

This next week I will be checking off three of those five things. Baseball, Disney World and Family.

We’re headed to the Sunshine State for three nights in Miami and three in Orlando.

Dolphinstadiumint.jpgFor the past decade we’ve planned our vacations around baseball. Our goal is to hit all 30 in the near future, very near actually. Friday night we will be at Dolphins Stadium, or Sun Life, or Landshark or Pro Player Stadium, which will be number 27 for the Peaslee family. The Marlins host the Nationals and we will be seeing Stephen Strasburg pitch, my brother and my second time witnessing the phenom.


I love hanginf out in big cities and South Beach will be no exception. I plan on taking the advice of Will Smith and will party in the city where the heat is on. Speaking of Heat, maybe I’ll run into LeBron James, I will be buying his Heat shirt. Not much I love more than sticking it to Cleveland fans.

Magic_Kingdom.jpgOur final three days will be spent around the Disney World parks. Even as a 21 year old college dude I love Disney. Anything from the movies (although I did not like Toy Story 3) to the characters but most importantly the amusement park that brings it all together. I feel the enchantment as soon as I walk in the gates. All four parks are special and unique and unlike any other place on Earth.

I will be talking to you all in a week! Pirates fans, hold down the fort and lets try to win one from the Astros this weekend!



  1. TheSmiler


    I’ll be interested on your Strasburg take. I watched that game because even though I live in Tampa, I dig the Marlins more. Too bad you stayed on the East Coast, we could’ve maybe met. Can’t blame you though, the West coast sucks. Enjoy the vacation!

    ~ Will the Smiler

  2. angelsgirl012

    Ahhhh You shall be taking your talents to South Beach as well eh? 😉

    Have a great time! Florida is pretty awesome! And so is Disney World! I’d love to go back!!! Though humid it is a great vacation spot! Say hi to Mickey and Lebron for me!


  3. raysrenegade

    Nothing better than to visit the “Happiest Place on Earth” when in hot amd humid FLA in the Summertime.
    But then again, you also hit the humidor known as Landshark Stadium too with the orange seats that do not project the heat away, but retain it for your searing, blistering pleasure when you sit down.
    Too bad the Rays are out of town, or I could of maybe found a few good seats and treated you to some Rays ball.
    But, you will have a good time as long as when you hit South Beach you do not make it a family outing. But be prepared to have a huge Visa bill, because beauty like Disney, South Beach and family do not come cheap.
    Stay thristy my friend!

    Rays Renegade


  4. jsycfnctt@163.com

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