Is it fun to be a fan?

Upon returning from Florida I spent a good two days unpacking and reflecting on a great trip. However just a few days later there was only one place I wanted to be. Can you guess where it was?


pnc_park_view.jpgIf you said PNC Park, you would be right on the money.

My brother and me ventured to Pittsburgh on Saturday anticpating the game between the Padres and Pirates. I needed a nice trip to PNC Park, especially after sitting through a game at the ginormous colisuem known as Sun Life Stadium. One of my favorite things to see when driving to Pittsburgh is on the PA Turnpike.


mr rogers1.jpgYou gotta feel safe when Mr. Fred Rogers is around.

We would soon find out that we were not the only ones who wanted to enjoy a night at the ballpark.

full stadium.jpg36,000 others packed the park not to see a good baseball game, but to see a Steve Miller Band concert on the field after the final out was recorded. Not going to lie my brother and I had this hidden agenda as well. We love rocking out to hits “The Joker,” “Jet Airliner”, “Take the Money and Run” and our personal favorite “Swingtown.”

steve miler.jpgThe game was running smoothly but the crowd grew restless. It got annoying. They were not there for baseball they were there for the extra circular activities. The crowd was almost as worse as my experiences with uneducated fans in Miami. There were beach balls flying in the stands, nobody paying one bit of attention to the game and more people were whining about the boring game, the hot weather, just nitpicking everything wrong with the Pirates and the sport of baseball.

I was content as always as my brother and I seemed to be the only ones living and breathing on every pitch. Pirates starter Jeff Karstens was really gunning through five innings looking the best he as all year. It was a classic pitcher’s duel as the Padres Matt Latos looked superb as well.

I’m trying to start a new tradition of keeping score at every game I go to.



I’ve done so sporadically over the years and have to at each West Virginia baseball game. However, I’d love to do it at every major league game I go to. Buy a scorebook to keep all my games, notes and memories together. If I get this rolling I’m sure I will not quit. But the people around me looked at me like I was insane by doing this sacred ritual. I took a lap around the stadium during the game just to get a scope on how PNC was sitting since I last left it. I discovered I was one of only three people keeping score and one of maybe 12 that actually cared about the game.

Well I guess baseball gods heard the nonsense and ramblings as rain came pouring down in buckets.


For a good 45 minutes it was some of the worst rain I have ever seen from the stands at a ballgame.

Surpringly alot of people stuck around. It was the 8th inning when the rain started falling and the game was out of reach at 9-2 Padres. But people still remained. Nobody wanted to miss Steve Miller.

Zach and I did not want to either. However, the game eventually ended at 11 and Steve would not come on the field until 11:30. It was getting late and we had to be up early the next day. But we made a pact to stick around for one song, the first one they would play. Lucky for us it was our favorite, Swingtown!

Not lucky for us we still had a good night, very fun. I’m sure the rest of the 30,00 that stuck around enjoyed their night as well. But I’m sure it was just excruciating for them to sit through that baseball game. And it is just a dang shame.

Now it is hard for even the most die hard fans to sit through a seven run beatdown but that may be the only taste of Pirates baseball those fairweather fans will sample this year and it surely came back sour.



  1. southernbelle

    Matt: I wouldn’t have left if it rained. What’s a little water going to do? I can’t believe those people weren’t really interested in the game. That is blasphemous! And Jeff Karstens! I remember that little cutie when he was with the Yankees….

  2. bklyntrolleyblogger

    I laughed out loud a couple of times reading this. A lot of games I am totally committed to keeping score. A lot of games I don’t even make it to my seat because I’m walking around or hanging out somewhere in the park. Other games I commit to sitting and watching but not keeping score. LOL. A lot of times I decide right before the game.
    I definitely would have stuck around for the rest of the show. I liked when it rained on all the disinterested with baseball folks.

  3. Jane Heller

    I can never understand why people can’t sit still and just watch the game when they go to the ballpark. It drives me nuts when they play with beach balls, get up from their seat every six seconds, etc. If you don’t enjoy baseball, stay home!

  4. crzblue2

    I am on my second scorebook book this season. In my section there are about 6 or 7 of us keeping score. I keep all kind of notes in my scorebook. Sometimes is on a previous book. Some of my notes might be a quote from Vin Scully. I hate the beachballs but the kids enjoy them.

  5. Ed Miller

    Man I don’t know how you can keep score every game, that’s some dedication right there. I get too enthralled with the strategy of the game for that. Good read though dude!

  6. podz

    Everytime I try to keep a score card, I get so into the game that I completely forget that Im trying to keep score. Usually sometime around the 4th inning the card goes blank.


    I hate the beachballs but the kids enjoy them.
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