You just can’t script something like this

You always hear of the miracles and magic associated with sports.

But how often do we truly believe it?

I admit I have been skeptical, after all my two favorite sports teams always seem to drop the ball; West Virginia football and of course the 17 straight losing season club known as the Pittsburgh Pirates.

However, Saturaday night changed all of that. It took an extra inning baseball game to sell me with the iniative that sports dreams do come true, thanks to a miracle and a sprinkle of magic.

You see it all started Friday.

My brother and I had been looking forward to attending the Friday night Pirate game all season long. It was Andrew McCutchen bobblehead night, the only bobblehead night at PNC Park all year. We had plans to meet up with my best friend Andrew in Pittsburgh to share a nice night at the ballpark.

Instead we shared in what would be the last night with my ailing grandfather. Papaw Peaslee had been diagnosed with cancer earlier this summer and his timetable of life was greatly shortened. He passed away Saturday morning.

As sad and troublesome as it is to lose a loved one you must first celebrate the life and be happy that the suffering is over.

Papaw Peaslee was a hard working man all his life. He was a farmer who raised cattle for a living and he was darn good at it. As a city boy I rarely took interest in this lifestyle but still entrusted in the skills he taught me and the work ethic my father taught me through the hands of his father.

We did share the love of sports and especially Pirates baseball. He would take my dad to many games throughout the years at Forbes Field in the 60’s. I always hear the stories of how he would reach through wire fences to catch foul balls. My father and papaw witnessed the first night World Series game ever at Three Rivers Stadium in 1971. They also shared in the first Opening Day ever at PNC Park in 2001. I unfortubately was unable to attend due to the chicken pox.

When I would visit him this summer we would talk about the Pirate’s struggles and how frustrating it is to see them lose nearly night in and night out. However, through the thick and thin we always remained the most die hard of fans. Although he never got to see a winning season at PNC Park I think he had a little something to do with that Saturday’s dramatic win in Pittsburgh.

Down by two in the bottom of the tenth inning the Pirate began a little rally with Andrew McCutchen lacing a double off the center field wall. Jose Tabata drew a walk. A pair of batters later Pedro Alvarez stepped to the plate. 

He drilled a pitch into the right field bleachers. A walk off home run.

 Something inside me knew something special was about to happen. My family shared the same sentiments as the Pirate announcers as tears flew down our faces.

“That was for Papaw!” we all said. It was true, Alvarez did that for Papaw. Although we were not at the game I still think that game and that moment will go down as one of if not the most memorable sports moment in my life. After the game manager John Russell even said,

“The heavens must have looked down and said enough is enough.”

We all think Papaw had something to do with it.

Thank you Pedro for making the roughest moment in anyones life a little more tolerable. 

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  1. beisbol2010

    Matt, got me on your side for sure!! I’m going to enjoy reading many of your previous posts here, but this one has got me and got me good!

    I am the father of 6 children. They are 19 to 31. By the end of this month , I will have six grandchildren. My grandchildren are 14 months to 13, and of course the newest is not here yet but will be. They call me Papaw!!!I’m not kidding, that is one of my alias’ along with Robert, Bob, Dad, Pops, Pinhead, Bubs, ********, Beisbol and a few others that are extremely explicit. Papaw is my absolute favorite and most precious.

    Alright, I may fly a PITT flag in front of my house. My 20 year old is about to begin her sophomore year at PITT Titusville, she is studying to be a Physical Therapist. I’ll give you a pass on WVU because you have got to be one of the young people who make me feel very comfortable about the future of our great country!! Keep it up. You can expect me to read your postings . Thank you for sharing that with me and please post on the original Pirate Message board often.

    Robert Graham

  2. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Very sorry for you and your family’s loss Matt. I can appreciate your city boy line, being one, but men like your Grandpa quietly did big things for this country they don’t make cool TV shows about. Bless him! I would have loved to spend time talking about Forbes Field with him for a day. I’m sure the stories were incredible. My respects from my family to yours.

  3. kaiserthegreat

    It was totally for your grandpa, just had to be. It’s always great to have “moments.” Even when a team is slumping, there’s always “moments” to love and remember.

  4. giantsgirl24

    Wow! Matt that was really touching. I’m so glad you commented on my blog or I might have missed it.
    Obviously, I’m really sorry your grandfather wasn’t able to see the Bucs succeed in their new yard. If it’s any consolation, the 1960, 1971 and 1979 (we are family) crowns are 3 more than my Giants have enjoyed in the last 50+ years.
    To answer your question, Freddy has been fun to watch defensively but his bat has been lacking. I’ve no doubt he’ll figure it out but At&t is not quite as hitter-friendly as PNC (as you know).
    Again, please accept my condolences. He’ll always be with you in spirit, as you’ve already witnessed.
    Lynn (Giantsgirl24)


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