The match up America hates

I know where i’ll be Wednesday night.

Once I get out of my public relations class I’m heading straight to the nearest televsion and planting myself in front of it for the next three or so hours.

All I want to hear is the voices of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver talking about one of the most anticpated World Series, at least in my mind.

sf cap.jpg
tx cap.jpg

If you follow me on twitter (@pittpeaswv) you’ll know that
I’ve said from the beginning that I wanted the Giants to reach this spot. San Francisco deserved it with their team chemistry, clutch hits and pitching perfection. Plus, Freddy Sanchez. Come on, I love the guy.

The Rangers are an intriguing group as well. Relatively unheard of throughout the season Texas proved doubters wrong all year. WIth one of the lowest payrolls in the game the small-market domination is a great thing to behold.

It wil be an excellent match up for baseball purists.

From America’s standpoint, it won’t be.

I’ve seen tweets, statuses and headlines regarding the series and it doesn’t look to favorable. Without the Yankees, Phillies or Red Sox who will watch these games?

I do know a large baseball contingency that will be hinging on every pitch religiously, even when these two teams really have nothing to do with them. That’s the beauty of baseball. The excitement of October comes full circle and the two best teams are left standing.

Despite his one-of-a-kind relief appearance in NLCS game 6, Tim Lincecum is likely heading to the mound for WS game 1 in San Francisco. He lasted through just one batter but you know how much pitchers are monitored these days. The lincecum-Halladay opposition was the talk of the town for the past two weeks, now it shifts to Lincy-Cliff Lee. 

 It’s demeaning to call Lee a journeyman, but really, where we he call home next season? He is pretty much pitching his way out of Texas and the postseason spectacle he has put on will all but assure a huge hike in his price tag. He too will pitch on short rest and be ready for teh Giants in game 1.

This will no doubt be an even matched series. Both teams are surging right now and have a palpable chemistry that is well liked.

Whethere its the “claw and antlers” or “pandas” that get you excited this series is for you. I’ll tune in, America won’t, but my goodness they should. These two cinderellas are bursting onto the scene give hope to fans that have not seen their teams reach success recently. It is anything but a mainstream contest, which is good for baseball.

As compliments abound I will give my prediction.



Giants in 6.

You da man, Freddy!



  1. rrrt

    Well, I have to admit that one of my first thoughts after the LCS outcomes was that this had to be the least desirable matchup of the four teams for FOX, ratings-wise. But then even MY OWN MOTHER (who isn’t even a baseball fan) said it was nice to see a different team there than a rematch of last year. Though I’m still not happy about it, the Phillies did not play well enough to deserve a trip to the WS. Way too many stranded baserunners in this series. I may watch parts of it, probably not every game, though I will be interested to see if Cliff Lee can continue his postseason wizardry.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

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