The Giants hearts are in San Francisco


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Juan Uribe has been the Juan Uribe America has seen throughout October.

Freddy Sanchez has been the Freddy Sanchez I have seen since 2004.

Wednesday’s 11-7 lopsided victory for the Giants was not only dominant, it was nostalgic.

I have been cheering for the Giants all October long. They have been my “second team” for a few years now. After visiting AT&T Park and the city of San Francisco I fell in love with the Northern California mentality.

Not only are the girls warm, the ambiance is as well.

I like to say I’ve adopted San Fran as a place of my own and the Giants followed.

WIth my favorite former Pirates, Freddy Sanchez a key member of the National League champs, my fan hood grows deeper.

san fran gear.jpg

Look to the left. That is what I wore this evening, Representing the Bay Area in Morgantown, West Virginia I got chills when the starting lineups were announced and went nuts when I heard the soulful sounds of Tony Bennett sing before the game and God Bless America.

This game was great for baseball and set up for a great World Series. Yes it was a blowout and yes a closer (Brian Wilson) entered with a non-save situation but it was a fun game to watch.

Sought of as a boring World Series or not relevant in some minds I think tonight showed that other teams are deserving and th Giants mean business.

PS How bout Freddy?




3-for-4 and a sparkplug the entire night. FOX gave him player of the game honors. The three doubles were a world series record. If the champagne is bubbling notch up Sanchez for the MVP.

I still miss these days…









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