Historic Pittsburgh vendor Kenny Geidel passes away

0717nacho2-a.jpgThere’s nothing quite like the sights and sounds of the ballpark on a hot summer night. The game itself is one thing, but add thousands of fans, activities and concessions into the stadium and grand memories are bound to be made.

Kenny Geidel helped make many of those memories.

From Three Rivers Stadium and Mellon Arena to PNC Park, Heinz Field and Consol Energy Center the famed vendor put a smile on many customers and kept them coming back for more. 

As a Pepsi, Cotton Candy and Hot Chocoalte at PNC Park since its christening in 2001, Geidel helped usher in a new generation of fans. He will most notably be remembered as the lemonade man who always knew how to draw attention.

Geidel passed away Tuesday at the age of 62.

It’s not that he did anything spectacular in the stands, he just was always a charming character that made any trip to a Pittsburgh sporting event special. His routine consisted of the same blank stare, swift movements up the steps and the most recognizable voice at PNC Park. Shouts of “lemonaaaaaadeeeee here, lemonaaaaaadeeeee here!” were distinct and echoed throughout the stadium. To some, it wasn’t a Pirate game unless you saw Ken walking through your section. His forearms bulged with the look of an 18 year old top hitting prospect, he was considered one of the hardest working individuals in the city.

As simple as he was, Geidel was more than just another vendor, he was a relaible sight that gave fans assurance that a baseball game meant more than just the on field action. Now without Ken in the stands and concourse, PNC Park may not seem quite right. After every purchase he showed gratitude toward the customer to “take it easy.”

Ken, its your turn.

Take it easy up there in heaven and enjoy a cold lemonade while you watch down on us.

photo credit: pittsburgh tribune review



  1. WrigleyRegular

    That’s a good post. I know there are a few vendors at Wrigley that I always look for and the game wouldn’t be the same without them.

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