First Place

Myself, and every other baseball-obsessed person in the world woke up to this, this morning.

First place.

Magic number to clinch the Central is 68.

Let’s Go Bucs!




  1. strictlycubsbaseball

    I’m happy for the Pirates even though my Cubs are playing terrible baseball this season. I look for your team to make a move or two before the trade deadline to strengthen their chances at winning the Central. Also, watched Chasing 3,000 the other day about Roberto Clemente. Good movie!


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  3. Emma

    Only one game back for the Bucs. My Bums are in last place but “They May be Bums but they are MY Bums..
    I am cheering for your Pirates!

  4. Russell Wight

    I made my first visit to PNC Park last week to see the Reds take on the Pirates. It is truly a beautiful park. Everyone was really nice too, from the ushers and concession workers to the fans. Great experience!

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