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Morgantown…transfered from Pittsburgh to D.C.

nyjer bat.jpgA blockbuster day was held in Pittsburgh today. The Pirates downed the Cubs 3-0 which was refreshing, but what came before that was very unsettling.

Eric Hinske was delt to the Yankees for two low A propspects. One is a pitcher, teh other an outfielder. Not much info is out there about the pair but when you are in A ball chances are you are lightyears from the MLB. Hinske was a solid backup player and a good role model for the younger guys on teh team. He will be missed but the fact that chances are he wasn’t returning to the team next year.

What really upsets me was the trade of Nyjer Morgan. There have been talks about dealing the speedster for teh past few weeks but I just disregarded it. I knew what we had in Morgan and believed he was going to be a part of the future. That is going against a lot of theories other Pirate fans have about Morgan. He was a great guy, great in the community, a great teammate and a fan favorite. He could have been beloved in Pittsburgh for many years to come. But then again so could Jason Bay, Xavier Nady and Nate McLouth.

What upsets me teh most about the trade was the return. We recieved Lastings Milledge.


Headcase extrodinaire. He has been the complete opposite of a Nyjer Morgan. In his 3 stints as a major league player he has been tossed numerous times, fined numerous times and found himself in trouble with the law numerous times.

Right now Lastings is in teh GCL league rehabbing an injury. His skills have been degressing over the past few seasons. He has been demoted by the Nats early this season. Take that in for a moment folks…demoted by the Nationals, the Washington Nationals. The worst team in the MLB. He is just 24, with a lot of room for development. Now some may say this is a great move for the Bucs. they traded a mediocre outfielder for one with much more upside…but I don’t see it. Milledge is a bust, he is overrated and overlooked for good reason. He’s had opportunites but has failed to live up to the hype.

The Pirates need power, and need it fast. Although Milledge will probably not make it up to PNC Park for a few months he may provide some pop. He has the coveted “potential” genes, but if he doens’t use it, makes no sense to me. If he can turn it around with this change of scenery it will be a great move….I just don’t see him getting that hot.

Speaking of hot, if you’ve ever been to the Pittsburgh area you are familiar with Quaker Steak and Lube wings.

TheLube.jpg  It is known as best wings USA.

They are famous for their very hot ATOMIC hot wings. Very few have tried to down 5 of these boned wings. You must be brave, hungry, and able to handle heat to complete the coveted challenge and earn a spot on their wall of fame.

My friend Andrew Schuerholz, nephew of Braves VP John Schuerholz, who I have mentioned before completed the feat today. He was in town visiting from Baltimore and couldn’t leave Youngstown without attempting the feat. He passed with flying colors and earned respect from the restraunt. Congrats Drew!


PHOTO CREDITS: mlb.com, roethisteinnews.com, sidesalad.com 



Moss out….Monroe in?

Brandon Moss has been quite the interesting story since his arrival in Pittsburgh last July. He was relatively unheard of but handed the starting job in rightfield. He had done a decent job (.246 8HRs 34 RBIS) for stepping in right away. He has had time to develop into what the Pirates hope will be a long lasting future at the helm in right.

A roadblock has arisen in the the middle of Mazeroski Way. Moss has been experiencing soreness in his right thumb. After seeing a specalist in Pittsburgh it has been announced that a mild sprain has occured.

While the injury is not too catastrophic, Moss will be setback. He has yet to clearly prove himself at this level and spring would have been a great time for him to show he truly belongs. While he was surely to make a spot on the team, the extra effort could not have hurt at all.

With the falling of Moss, the competition will step up. The outfield depth is strong with many players competing for the finals spots on the roster.

The one player I would love to come into his own is Craig Monroe. As I’ve stated in my previous entry, Monroe is a solid player and a favorite of mine. He provides great leadership and the most veteran prescence available on the team. He has used the spring to show last season in Minnesota was a fluke. (.202 8 HRs 29 RBIs). In Detroit a few years back
Monroe was a clutch player and looked upon to come through in big at bats. He thrived in that role, however when the Tigers looked to reload by signing Maglio Ordonez, Monroe was sent packing in a tear-jerker of a move. Monroe has not had the opportunity to be in the go-to situation as he was a few years back.

My dream situation would be a platoon between Monroe and Eric Hinske. Right field would be a great place to put these B-level MLB stars. The 1-2 punch of Monroe and Hinske would be a great test for the two seasoned vets and give Monroe the key at bats he needs in order to produce at his best.