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My AL team

Since the Pirates are faltering at an alarming rate (they fell 10-1 to the Rockies yesterday only managing 3 hits) I really need another team to support. Not saying I’m dismissing the Bucs, no not at all. I just need a team to root for. I’m not going out and spending money on jerseys, shirts and memorabilia. I’m just saying I would like to find a team in the American League that I can kind of call my own.

I do like other teams. After being to 25 MLB teams home games there are al ot of teams I like. The Rays are one (because come on-who doesnt like the Rays since their Cinderella story of last year). I like the Giants because of the beautiful city of San Francisco and the ballpark is top notch. I own a Red Sox shirt, only because it is Jason Bay-my all-time favorite player. And I also like the Tigers and Twins. Mostly because they are AL Central rivals of my least favorite team, the Indians.

But I want a claer cut-this is my team American League club. After much thought and consideration I’ve decided on the….

seattle-mariners.jpgThe Seattle Mariners

I’ve never been to Seattle and Safeco Field is one of the only five teams that I have not seen at their home field. The mariners have always been in the hunt for the playoffs, save for last year, and that is why I kind of enjoy their style of play. They lost 100 games last year and have gretaly improved to an above .500 record and an outside shot at making the playoffs. When the Pirates lose 100 games one season they may improve and only lose 80 some the next year. Thats is their idea of improvement.

Earlier in the summer for the WVU school newspaper The Daily Athenaeum asked four of the sports writers to come up with the most surprising teams of the first half of the season. I chose the Mariners because of their complete 180 turn around from a year ago. You can read my article, and see what my other colleagues had to say here.MARINERS ARTICLE 

Now I wrote this article before the tradeline just when the Mariners caught my eye. After the trade dealine some of my heart flew to Seattle.



Ian Snell


Jack Wilson

Were shipped off to the Space Needle City, sorry I’m not sure of its nickname. It was so sad to see them go. We all know how much I enjoyed Ian Snell. His style of play, fiery attitude, and down to earth comments made him my favorite Pirate. I bought his jersey and have many autographed items from him. When he fell from the good graces of Pirates fan this year I supported him and knew he could come back and become an MLB ballplayer. He has been decent in Seattle, except for last night when he was rocked for 5 runs by the Yankees. I still will always support him, wear the jersey and follow his whole career.

I took Jack Wilson for granted. He was a Pirate for nearly 9 years and showcased some of the best defensive skills in the game of baseball. He was so underrated by not only major league fans but the Pirates as well. Whenever he was out of the lineup, the Pirates truggled mightily. He was always the face of the organization and represented the Pirates everywhere he went. I’m sure he will be a fan favorite in Seattle as well. With all his communtiy involvement and fan friendliness the Mariner faithful better treat him well.

I can’t just let 2 of my favorite Buccos go without cheering for them every step of the way. All the Pirates that have been traded over the year are still always going to be favorite of mine. It just so happened that two of my beloeved Buccos wound up on the same team.

Good Luck Mariners, make up some ground. It will be tough without Adrain Beltre in the lineup, the injury of Erik Bedard and the trade of Jarrod Washburn have hurt. There is still time this season and even next year if they can reload and retian Jack for next year.

But as always…