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MLB Insiders Club may be the greatest. thing. ever

I am a sucker for anything that seems like a good deal. If you got something to sell me chances are I’m going to sit down, listen and bite the bullet. I’m not sure if I feel bad for the salesmen or what but they reap the benefits of my generosity, my bank account does not.

But The MLB Insiders Club is an excpetion. There was nobody yanking my chain or on hands and knees to get me to buy it.


magazine.jpgA few months ago I saw an ad online, much like this one. I think it was actually on mlblogs.com. It was a great advertisement and ploy because I was suckered in right away. The offer was for a free issue of the magazine, which in turn was a very quality read with great one on one interviews with players, in-depth coverage of the building of Target Field as well as a retrospective with the Metrodome, and a solid article with Seth Myers, one of my favorite guys on TV and a die-hard baseball fan.

Well I couldn’t just stop there.

Inserted in the magazine was one of those annoying cardboard flyers broadcasting the great deal a subscription would be. Now if this was a Readers Digest or Better Homes and Gardens I would tear it out and throw it on the ground. Come to think of it, why would I be reading those magazines anyway? But the pamphlet that listed the benefits of becoming a member of the club.

  • Magazine subscription
  • Baseball cap
  • Pin
  • Playing Cards
  • Club Parking sign
  • Keychain
  • World Series Program
  • “Greatest Games” book
  • Fan Guide
  • Car decal (3 of them actually!)
  • Membership card
  • Blanket
  • Team bag
  • Jacket

Talk about all-inclusive. Well after much though I pulled the trigger. I paid the fee of $24 and within a few weeks I recieved a small shipment of the girfts which included the card, car decal, book, fan guide and blanket. I chose to get the blanket customized with Pirate logos.

blanket.jpgTalk about style and comfort. Not really getting much use for it in the summer, but still come fall this isn’t leaving my bed.

In order to get the rest of the booty I had to mail in another round of $24 to get the perks finalized. Of course, I obliged.

It was just today when my roommate knocked on my door and said,

“Do we have an MLB life member in here?”

He dropped off this huge box and upon opening it I was greeted with a plethora of goodies that appeased the heck out of me.


box.jpgThe bag, keychain, another decal, playing cards, pin, sign and World Series programs had arrived.

The World Series programs were pretty random and off the wall. 2008 with the Philies and Rays as well as 1997 with the Indians and Marlins.

I’m a big fan of that ’97 series as I do not like the Indians. Jose Mesa was always a favorite of mine.

The 2008 World Series really gave us nothing to ride home about but seeing the Rays and their improbable climb to the pennant was refreshing.

My buddy Chris, a Rays fan and Jared, an Indians fan may have just found their Christmas presents from me.

My favorite item in the oversized box was the parking sign.

mesign.jpgThe perfect addition to my already decked out sports room.

Call me a nerd but I’m pumped up to be a Life member of the MLB Insiders club and truly reccomend it to anyone who considers themselves a baseball fan.

If you are in the club let me know your thoughts about it. I am just getting started but enjoy reading the monthly magazines and hope to have a lifetime filled with cool stuff.