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Yu Darvish would look great in a Bucco’s uni

PHOTO CREDIT: espn.com

darvish.jpgAfter witnessing a fabulous finale to the World Baseball Classic I have come to the conclusion that the Pirates need to take advantage of teh opportunities placed before them.

With a focus purely on Dominican devlopment and a lack of Asian fusuions in the Pirate franchise its hard to see Neal/Frank/whomever taking a scouting caravan to the far east to tab players from the WBC.

That being said, the players on both the Japaneese and Korean teams can and have beat some of the best that the USA had to offer. It’s a different style of baseball over there and the players can compeat on any given level.

One player that sticks out in my mind is Yu Darvish. Normally a starter, Darvish came into close the game out for Japan in the bottom of the ninth. While blowing the save he picked up the win in extra innings. Darvish is a tall, lanky athlete with a variety of pitches in his arsenal. His breaking pitches and slider fooled the Korean batters and just made them look silly.

Darvish was on top of his game throughout the tourney. While Dice-K was the team ace, Darvish was the highest quality number two. He did lose one game in the WBC but came through when it mattered most. The 22 year old could use some polishing, but so can any young picther of his stature.

It wouldn’t surprise me in the leaset to see Darvish signed by a major league club within the next couple years. While more likely than not he won’t be playing in Pittsburgh. The organization has claimed to try new tactics in scouting players. This has been seen upon our signing of the pair from India. The Pirates should take the route of a manjority of other MLB clubs and hit up the oriental land, I’m sure they will come away with a treasure.