Very Superstitious

….writing’s on the wall.

Sorry do not want to go all Stevie Wonder on you but it is a fitting opening for a tale I am about to preach.

I hope you all were able to catch some of the WVU basketball game last night, or at least see the score.


butler-KJ.jpgThe Mountaineers pulled off a 69-56 win over Washington on Thursday. Whether it was the swarming defense of West Virginia or the 18 points dropped by Kevin Jones (dude with the smile), it proved it was for real….yet again.

WVU will now take on Kentucky Saturday at 7 p.m. for one of the most anticipated contests of the tournament.

Now WVU proved they were the better team as they handily defeated a lesser Pac-10 opponent, but some in Morgantown feel the win should be attributed to a greater cause.

As I was driving to work this morning ( I recently got a job as a tour guide showing off the university to prospective high school students. Keep that in mind if you ever want to check out this great school!) I was listening to a poular morning show in town discussing the game.

Apparently the hosts know a guy who has yet to watch a WVU tournament game because he feel if he does, it will lose. Also, the same guy does not watch Steeler or Penguins playoffs games for the same reason. This prompted one of the guys to chime in with “Well he does watch all the Pirate games, thats why they always lose!” Sounds logical doesn’t it? Haha i don’t care. I find it funny.

That was my superstitious spiel. I cannot say I believe in any type of superstition. I try to never wear a WVU football jersey to any game. I have done it twice and we’ve lost both. Both games were against Cincinatti nonetheless.

It will be hard to sleep as visions of Bob Huggins and Devin Ebanks dance in my head.


Thumbnail image for ebanks.jpgLETS










  1. demesa

    Beyond, the economic signs – the winning signs of Mountaineers is truly awesome. Also, I could not help but agreed that WMU, is not showing more skills and determination in this tournament. I wish them all the lucks! And have a nice game! Keep us proud guys!


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